• Company Profile

    Al-Ahlia Vegetable Oil Company, based in Hama-Syria, is affiliated to Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and development .It has been established in accordance with decree No 3169 of July 3, 1995 under Syrian Investment Law No (10) of 1991.

  • Our Vision

    based on exceeding customers' expectations by providing highest quality vegetable oils and related products.We will accomplish this goal by means of using latest food technologies,and developing motivated skilled staff.

  • Paid in Capital

    Company's total paid-in capital is Fifteen Million (1500 Mn) Syrian Pound, equivalent to 30 USD millions. The project is 100 % self – financing.

  • Produce Annually

    commenced its commercial production in 2001; the products were welcomed and widely spread all over the Syrian territories as the company posses huge and diverse fleet of vehicles ( trucks and small cars)

Exhibits ,Festivals and Conferences:

Al-Ahliah has a distinguished history of participation in exhibitions and conferences at both regional and local levels, to mention only:

A)- International & Regional Exhibitions:

  • Gulf food held at Dubi World Trade Centre, UAE.
  • 2nd Agricultural International Exhibit held in Doha- Qatar.
  • Al-Fujairha Agricultural International Exhibit Fujairah- UAE.
  • Syrian Industry show – Khartoum- the Sudan.
  • Al-Sharjah Islamic International Expo,UAE
  • 1st Syrian Industry Show, Algeria.
  • Tripoli Show – Lebanon.
  • 1st Syrian Industry Show – Amman – Jordan.
  • Made in Syria Show – Beirut- Lebanon.

B)- Local Shows & Exhibits:

  • Damascus International Fair, Sima Expo Damascus - Tasty Food Expo- Food Expo (Aleppo) - Comiunex
  • Expo – Hama Business Women Show- Al-Basel Show for Creative Works and Invention.

C)- Conferences & Forums:

  • 1st Arab Forum for Agricultural and Food Investment
  • 1st Forum organized by Malaysian Council for Palm Oil promotion Cairo – Egypt.
  • European – Orient Forum- 2003 - Damascus.

D)- Festivals:

Hama Spring Festival ,Al-Sham Shopping Festival ,Damascus,Khan Al-Harir Days Festival ,Aleppo,Rmadan Zaman Festival Aleppo ,Al-Qumma Comprehensive shopping Festival – Aleppo.
Al-Baher ( sea) Festival- Lattakia ,Homs Days for Shopping ,Dair Al-Zour Shopping Festival.

Social activities:

The company in recent years to distribute part of their profits to charities that official and a sense of responsibility towards the community, including

One of the meetings of the General Authority

Al-Sharjah Islamic International Expo-UAE

Sima Expo Damascus

The ordinary session of General Assembly Convened on in Cham Place Hotel in Damascus.