• Company Profile

    Al-Ahlia Vegetable Oil Company, based in Hama-Syria, is affiliated to Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and development .It has been established in accordance with decree No 3169 of July 3, 1995 under Syrian Investment Law No (10) of 1991.

  • Our Vision

    based on exceeding customers' expectations by providing highest quality vegetable oils and related products.We will accomplish this goal by means of using latest food technologies,and developing motivated skilled staff.

  • Paid in Capital

    Company's total paid-in capital is Fifteen Million (1500 Mn) Syrian Pound, equivalent to 30 USD millions. The project is 100 % self – financing.

  • Produce Annually

    commenced its commercial production in 2001; the products were welcomed and widely spread all over the Syrian territories as the company posses huge and diverse fleet of vehicles ( trucks and small cars)

Welcome Address by ,Chairman, Board of Directors

It is really a great pleasure to wholeheartedly welcome all visitors of Al-Ahliah Vegetable Oil Company ( Avoco) web site which provides all necessary and required information pertaining to Avoco's diverse features of economical, administrative and social activities .

We do expect the information provided will be distinctive and unique and would like to shed light on what has been achieved during previous years. The achievements were essentially the result of persistent and diligent works; Al-Ahliah today is occupying a distinctive position of great weight and plays a vital and active role in the agric industry. Moreover, we worked out for building up long term mutual business relations with highly trustworthy and reliable international companies in the course of acquiring required core raw materials. Al-Ahliah's reputation was also obtained by means of exporting high-class products to international market.

As Al-Ahlaih is an affiliated company to Arab Authority for Agricultural Development and Investment (AAAD), it works diligently and participates uniquely in achieving the objects and aims of (AAAD) which are based on maintaining and supporting food safety in Arab World by means of the investment in agric industry and partaking in the economic development. The active and distinguished role of Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment & Development in outlining the objectives and visions that achieve its aims in sustaining food safety in Arab World and investment in agric industry cannot be underestimated. We wish to express our sincere gratitude, thanks and appreciation to Chairman of (AAADI) His Excellency Mohammed Bin Obeid Al-Mazroui for all the technical , financial, and administrative supports provided By (AAADI) to Al-Ahliah since its inception until now.

The said accomplishments were possible only with a series of well defined plans and programmes which have been worked out by specialized human resources personnel. Highly advanced training programmes were introduced to elevate the skills of those taking part in the production and administrative processes.

We are very dedicated to provide positive and competitive environment to raise performance levels in addition to create inspiring work environment to yield greater productivity. And as a result of the intrinsic motivation, the employees enjoyed the work more and more.

Being Socially Responsible, Al-Ahliah renders a helping hand and supports reliable and trustworthy non- profitable charity societies that are duly registered in Syria; it also backs co-operative funds for health and social securities which aims at providing financial and moral assistance to its members. Al-Ahliah covers part of medical expenses and tries to make available proper residence at reasonable prices to its employees. Formation and registration of housing society in the name of Al-Ahliah has been established for this purpose.

Finally we have to maintain that the successes Al-Ahliah accomplished were the fruit of joint co-operation and support of all its staff members; we are very grateful to whoever was of assistance and participant of this success.