• Company Profile

    Al-Ahlia Vegetable Oil Company, based in Hama-Syria, is affiliated to Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and development .It has been established in accordance with decree No 3169 of July 3, 1995 under Syrian Investment Law No (10) of 1991.

  • Our Vision

    based on exceeding customers' expectations by providing highest quality vegetable oils and related products.We will accomplish this goal by means of using latest food technologies,and developing motivated skilled staff.

  • Paid in Capital

    Company's total paid-in capital is Fifteen Million (1500 Mn) Syrian Pound, equivalent to 30 USD millions. The project is 100 % self – financing.

  • Produce Annually

    commenced its commercial production in 2001; the products were welcomed and widely spread all over the Syrian territories as the company posses huge and diverse fleet of vehicles ( trucks and small cars)

Management's word

AL-Ahliah Vegetable Oil Co. is an industrial and commercial Company and is considered one of the leading companies working in the field of vegetable Oils ; it is the only industrial company enlisted in Damascus Securities Exchange.

Al-Ahliah constantly seeks to be an economic entity that will meet the advantages and requirements of both internal and external environments of its shareholders, employees, customers, agents and society at large.

Since the inception till now, Avoco adapted total quality management (TQM) that aimed at constant development of equally human and technical aspects. For achieving this goal , Avoco uses latest available technologies, in addition to exploits human expertise for the progress of working environment and unequivocal commitment to its mission towards the customers .

Avoco's management looks for to manufacture and deliver highest quality products of vegetable oils and ghee that meet all the tastes and food requirements in the country. Al-Ahliah was so dedicated to adhere to the international standards through applying and implementing ISO 9001:2008.

Al-Ahliah's shares profits have witnessed a noticeable growth at Damascus Securities Exchange due to the trust positioned by the Investors in the company.

Al-Ahliah deals extensively with suppliers, customers and human expertise who share the same commitment to Quality Control Policy and international quality standards with respect to all company's administrative, technical and social activities.

Al-Ahliah is guided by a set of fundamental values that embodied its commitment to build a close relationship with Suppliers, Customers, Employees and Shareholders...

Avoco’s General Manager Mr. Abdul Hameed Al-Selek